KDAL Radio's Talk of the Town with Mediqwest's Dan Conrad 1/8/17

Affordable Care Act (ACA) - Repeal and Replace:

Repeal - Yes, right away. However, sunset the law two years out so that those who have coverage will not lose their current plan until a new market-driven, consumer oriented replacement is fully built and ready to function.

(Health Insurance Reform)

Ten Plank Platform

  1. ALLOW plans to be sold across state lines—REGIONALLY.
  2. RE-ESTABLISH health underwriting (pooling).
  3. RE-ESTABLISH or install state-based risk plans.
  4. ESTABLISH a premium tax credit (income based or not).
  5. ENHANCE Health Savings Account (HSA) deductibility.
  6. ENCOURAGE not-for-profit health insurance company competitive model. For-profit companies may participate under the same rules and parameters.
  7. ESTABLISH five essential (required) benefits:
    • Out-patient care
    • In-patient care
    • Urgent/Emergent care
    • Preventive care
    • OT/PT/ST
    • +All plans may offer additional rider benefits (eg. maternity, mental health, substance abuse counseling, tobacco cessation, dental, etc.).
    • +Plans will establish market-based annual out-of-pocket maximum and lifetime maximum benefit limits.
  8. REFORM Medicaid.
  9. REFORM fraud, waste and abuse ENFORCEMENT structure.
  10. REFORM Health Care (Health Care delivery system—hospital, clinic, doctor office, long term care provider, durable medical equipment provider, other specialty provider, pharmacy, PBM, pharmaceutical company, etc.).

Talk of the Town with Tracy Lundeen and Mediqwest's Dan Conrad